Mile Chapter 327: Luxury Inn

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T.N: 3 hours for this chapter. It seems like Mile is the easiest and fastest to translate series.


Mile Chapter 327: Luxury Inn

After fighting the Ancient Dragons, there was still plenty of time to hunt and collect, but Mile’s group returned to the capital.

『I’m tired …』(Mile)

Actually, Mile doesn’t get tired physically but mentally tired. 

It was as tiring as staying up all night, lying on the bed, even if you are not sleepy.
…When you lie down there you don’t get tired physically, but because you can’t sleep you get tired mentally.

Anyway, Mile was tired because of the “Ancient Dragon Battle Mk-II”. 

The fact that the girls had a deathmatch with no rewards or achievement points, add more fatigue as a sense of effort.

『I’m tired …』(Rena)

『I’m tired …』(Maevis)

『I’m tired …』(Pauline)

Rena, Maevis, and Paulin are all pretty tired.

『Aaah, I want to enjoy a bath slowly…』(Mile)

Mile said so, but unlike “Reni-chan’s inn“, there’s no such inn where C rank hunters stay has a bath. You can get well water in the courtyard, or wipe your body with a towel in the room using water or hot water from a basin… Normally.

Red Oath” can cleanse, remove sweat, dirt from their body and clothes with cleansing magic. So, there’s no need to take a bath in the sense of removing dirt and smell, but soak slowly in hot water will help them feel relaxed both physically and mentally, it’s also good for beauty, opening pores, removing wastes and square plugs…

Apparently, just by the image of “removing dirt”, Nanomachines recognize keratin, etc. as “parts of the body”, and they haven’t been removed by cleansing magic. Other than Mile, no one is aware of it so those things have not been removed. Mile herself also doesn’t realize it to give advice.

Anyway, because they were tired today, four girls felt like wanted to enjoy a bath.

『…Do you want to change your accommodation for tonight? An inn with a bath…』(Pauline)

『Eh, is that okay?』(Maevis)

Hearing Pauline’s words, Maevis has a face as if hearing some unbelievable things. It’s very unusual for Pauline to offer luxury inn. 

Was Paulin too tired…?

『It’s decided! We are staying at an inn with a bath tonight!』(Rena)

Before Pauline changed her mind, Rena hurriedly declared a decision to change Homebase.
Because it’s not a long-term stay, and depending on the request, the accommodation fee is paid per night. “Red Oath” with Mile’s storage magic (item box), they don’t need to put any luggage at the inn, so they just tell the receptionist and leave. 

Even if they say to change Homebase, the girls just stay in a different hotel from last night. 


Mile jumped and rejoiced. Then, everyone started selecting hotels.
The day is still high because they have returned soon, it’s noon now. 

That incident happened as soon as “Red Oath” entered the forest, not much time has passed.


『How about here?』(Rena)

Rena said so when she stopped in front of a luxury inn facing the main street.
Of course, it’s not an inn where Royalty and Nobility stay. It’s not such a place with many requirements for the character of the inn, the atmosphere, the customer base, the safety and good mood of the guests, etc. No, not at all.

Although it’s not written on the signboard when a non-targeted customer comes, no matter if they have rooms available, the receptionist will reply “Sorry, we don’t have room left” to drive them away.

There are several Luxury hotels and Ryokan in modern Japan, and it’s very common in any world.

Not so super luxury, but the bath is high grade to some extent.
For hunters, if they are A rank or S rank, they may be staying here.

『It says that there is a bath. Then let’s stay here』(Rena? Pauline?)

Because the girls had a meal while looking for the new inn, it was already late afternoon. And it’s time to check-in.

『Is there a quadruple room available?』(Maevis)

Maevis asked the front desk, and the girls were able to check-in safely. 

Even if the girls look like novice hunters, the employee seems to be professional, he doesn’t change his attitude.

…No, maybe because “Red Oath” were only beautiful girls, if this was a party of dirty boys or middle-aged uncles, he might have answered: “I ’m sorry, all the rooms have been occupied.

There was only a luxury inn in the capital city, and as expected, there’s no loli (a young girl under the age of 10) stand at the counter like a small family-run inn. 

The counter clerk was a young polite man around 20 years old… However, Mile still clicks her tongue “Tch…


『We should lie down a little…』(Rena)

As expected, it’s still too early to take a bath. 

The bathroom can only be used from before the evening.
So, after entering the room, Rena spoke to everyone and lay down in bed. 

The girls didn’t change clothes, they just dived into the blanket and lay down.
Then, everyone fell asleep immediately because of fatigue.


『…Up, Mile…』(Rena)


When Mile woke up, Rena was grabbing her shoulder and shaking.

『It’s Mealtime. If you don’t go to the cafeteria soon, you won’t have dinner!』 (Rena)


It is a big deal. 

For Mile, who has poor fuel consumption in proportion to her size, it’s not acceptable for skipping meals.

…It’s unclear why the magician Rena, who is small and has little physical strength, is having low fuel-efficient as Mile. 

It shouldn’t be her growth period.

『…Stop right there!』(Rena)

Mile tried to leave the room in a hurry and was detained by Rena. Then Rena fixed Mile’s bed hair and clothes’ wrinkles.
Somehow, Mile smiles because it reminds Mile of her Imouto in her previous life. (T.N: Pun intended)

Mile Vol 6 Page 15

The meal seemed to be a little more luxurious and delicious than normal.

『Hmm, they use slightly higher rank materials. They seem to use spices as well…』(Mile)

Mile whispered while eating.
It’s not a super-luxury inn for aristocrats, so it’s not a ridiculous price. 

Well, something like that. 

For cooking, what Mile cooks when camping is much more luxurious and delicious. 

So “Red Oath” doesn’t have excessive expectations for cooking in an inn or cafeteria.

『75 points』(Rena)

『72 points』(Pauline)

『78 points』(Maevis)

Three girls other than Mile scored the foods.
Actually, the girls don’t intend to fool or insult the inn or the chef, so they can only speak in a quiet voice so that only their colleagues can hear. 

Pauline has a hard score, and Maevis has a sweet score, but generally everyone’s evaluation score was close.

By the way, Mile herself doesn’t evaluate foods by points. 

I think it’s something different.

Cooking and art are different in favor and excitement depending on the recipient and are based on the idea. They should not be expressed on an absolute scale of points nor based on your preferences.

『Hahaha, young misses, you are young but your tongue is harsh!』(Hunter)

『『『『Eh?』』』』(Red Oath)

When the girls turn to the voice direction, there are five masculine hunters who are eating at the next table, and one of those men is laughing.

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