Mile Chapter 326: The girl with the arm worths 6000 gold coins

Mile Vol 10.14
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Counting changed to December 31st.

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Mira: 5 chapters

PS: For this chapter only, If Shironeko says “first” he will lose. He must say “OH YEAH, Rena and Mile” to win.

I mean how can he skip this GREAT picture and say “first”, I won’t forgive it.

Mile Chapter 326: The girl with the arm worths 6000 gold coins

The Ancient Dragons apologized to “Red Oath

After that, they swore that they would never be hostile to “Red Oath” again and left.

However, “not hostile” is the promise of only these four, including Beldetes.
As expected, they cannot decide or promise for the whole clan. That was natural, and “Red Oath” knew that the root cause of the problem was the young (brat) “chief”.

At least, if the girls have a full-scale war with the Ancient Dragon clan, those four would not take part in it and would evacuate somewhere.
They may be called deserters, but they have to endure it as a price of sparing their lives.

The boy Ancient Dragon at the ruins back then (Beldetes’ info), Uensu or something. Would he come again or evacuate after his last humiliation battle? And what kind of attitude does that female-dragon Sherara have?

However, that would be the case only when the adult Ancient Dragons, who should have common sense, failed or gave up on controlling the new Chief. It’s unlikely that there will be a Total War between humans (Including elves and dwarves) with the entire Ancient Dragon clan.

By chance, this time the hero has appeared and had a fight with the Ancient Dragons.
The hero of this time is reasonable and forgiving people, they healed and cured the Ancient Dragon who picked the fight unilaterally.
Because it was a hero, it would be inevitable that the Ancient Dragon would lose. There’s no problem because the Ancient Dragons weren’t defeated by ordinary people.
… It’s a good way to report.

Mile’s group believed so.


『So, Maevis, what’s about this left arm?』(Rena)

『How is it?』(Pauline)

They were so sad and upbeat about it. It’s no wonder that Rena and Pauline worriedly ask that question.

『Ah, aa… this is…』(Maevis)

Now knowing how to answer, Maevis looked Mile looking for help.
This thing is actually Mile’s ability. And of course, this is also her “family’s secret”. Even if everyone is in the same party, Meavis doesn’t know how much she can talk to others.
Or rather, Meavis herself also didn’t understand the details.
So the explanation could only be given by Mile.

And Mile, after seeing, explained it for the girls.

『It’s the secret of my family』(Mile)

『『『As expected…』』』(Rena’s Trio)

But, of course, that’s not enough.
It’s true that Rena and others were curious, but they needed to understand Maevis’ body well for the battle in the future.
If Maevis suddenly feels unwell during the battle or her left arm stops moving, it will be fatal. And it was about the lives of all members, not just Maevis.
And before that, Pauline, who thought that Maevis had lost her left arm and dreams of becoming a knight, couldn’t be convinced without knowing the circumstances.

『Explain in detail!』(Rena)

『Tell me everything!』(Pauline)

『I’d like to know how to use this arm (manual), precautions, etc.』(Maevis)

Rena and Pauline look at Maevis’ left arm with an anxious face.
They need an explanation about this. Well, Mile originally intended to explain. There’s no way she can do it without explaining the details.

『As you all know, Maevis-san’ left arm was lost by the Ancient Dragon’s Breath. This arm is just a fake. Think of it as a golem arm that looks exactly like a human arm.』(Mile)

『『Eh …』』(Rena + Pauline)

Perhaps the girls thought that Mile’s healing magic was able to heal the site defect. Rena and Pauline’s expression changed from changed from anxiety to sadness.

『Then, Maevis’ left arm was already…』(Pauline)

『Yes, it moves properly, but it’s bot the real living arm, it’s a bloodless product.
Because the range of prosthetic arm is far beyond the normal arm,
I don’t think there will be any problems…』(Mile)

Mile’s words had a strong impact on Pauline, who thought Maevis had recovered.
At one point, her heart was about to be crushed by guilt, and then she felt relieved that it had healed thanks to Mile’s healing magic, but that arm was actually a fake and Maevis’ arm was still lost.

Prosthetic hand.
Maevis, a hard-working and favorite party leader who has been training for many times harder than others, aiming to become a knight.
Maevis, the Earl’s daughter who was supposed to marry some noble family in the future.
Maevis future was all messed up because of her.

『Ah……. AAAAAHHH…』(Maevis)

Pauline cried out loud overflowing with tears.
Ah, not good!” Mile thought, but comforting Pauline here was just wasting more time. So Mile left Pauline alone and went on talking.

『And whenever Maevis-san wants, I will apply healing magic to repair the site defect and remove that arm.
As expected, it will take time to repair from the cut surface little by little.
It might take about a month or so to fully regenerate her arm.
During that 1 month, she won’t be able to use her left arm, it’s a little inconvenient, but please be patient』(Mile)


『『EHHHH? 』』(Rena + Pauline)

『『『EEEEEEEEEEHHHH!!』』』(Maevis’ trio)

『『『You can heal it?!』』』(Maevis’ trio)

『Because it’s Mile, I thought it must be true!』(Rena)

『It’s Mile-chan, so I thought she should be able to heal the missing part…』(Pauline)

『At that time, I thought I could only choose one, Ahaha …』(Maevis)

Because it’s Mile
Everyone is convinced with just that.

But Maevis continued to ask.

『But I’m still fine, so I want to keep this arm』(Maevis)

『『『『EEEEEEEEEHHHH!!』』』(Mile’s Trio)

This time, Mile unexpectedly screamed too.


Maevis continued to ask the surprised Mile.

『Can you tell me more about this left arm? Performance, care, repair when broken, and many other things』(Maevis)

『Yes … Its appearance is the same as your real arm. Made with reference to your right arm.
The material is made by imitating real bones and muscles, and it is stronger than a real arm and can produce strong power.
Regular maintenance is not necessary, and when it breaks, it is automatically repaired with magical power.
Because it is completely waterproof, it can be used in the rain, as well as bathing and swimming.
And “the same processing as Maevis’ sword” has been applied』(Mile)

Care and repairs are performed by the dedicated nanomachines.
And Mile’s last word is an explanation that only Maevis can understand.
The same processing as her sword. That is, to make Maevis more accessible, and that Maevis can use it to “release Ki Power”.

Now, she can release a “storm blade” (or healing, etc.) without a sword… if she practices.

『 As expected, it’s stronger than the original arm. When I cut the Ancient Dragon, I thought it was the case.
And when I showed the sword with my left hand as a demonstration.
At that time, I felt like I was able to move it more quickly and accurately than when I was a real arm.
…Mile. To be clear, this arm performs better than my original arm, right? That’s a plus…』(Maevis)

That’s right.
It was made with enthusiasm, as Mile’s direction and nanomachines to make “an alternative to Maevis’ arm”…

Yes, so that it has several times the performance of the original arm.

『Yes, yes. For now… Maevis-san with that arm can be said to be “The girl with the arm worths 6000 gold coins” …』(Mile)

In response to Mile, Maevis smiled happily.

『As expected…
I’m going to use this arm as it is.
Because it seems to be closer to the realization of my dream.
Aside from that, is it okay, Mile?』(Maevis)

『Ah… yes, yes. Well, if Maevis-san is okay with it, then there’s no problem. I don’t mind…』(Mile)

Mile only intended to use it temporarily so she was somewhat confused,
Actually, it’s not inconvenient to continue to use it. Although Mile had a slightly subtle expression, Mile agreed.

『Yatta ~~!! (Yay)』(Nano)

And the nanomachines dedicated to the maintenance of the left arm screamed in joy.
They thought they only got a temporary job but now they got an unexpected extension of the working term.
Nanomachines don’t actually have delight or bore expression, but to have the opportunity to help an authority level 5 girl is the most amazing in their life. 
Dedicated nanomachines were excited to be able to act with Mile.

『『…………』』(Rena + Pauline)

And Rena and Pauline have complex faces.

『Well, actually, it’s okay …』(Maevis)

『 Isn’t it fine…?
Whenever Maevis wants, it will take a month…
But she can get her real arm back at any time …』(Rena?)

And Pauline came up with some shocking thing.

『No way, Maevis. Don’t tell me you think about “a higher-performance body” and deliberately let the enemy slash your right arm and both leg…』(Pauline)

Hearing that, Maevis had a face like “There’s such way!“, but as she looked at the stunned faces of Mile and others, she shook her head sideways.

『…As expected (Sasuga ni), it’s no good…』(Maevis)

Mile Vol 10.11
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